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Institutional Indicators

Institutional Indicators

Trade with our Advanced Institutional Indicators. Simple to learn, use, and very accurate.

Learn From The Pros

Learn From The Pros

Advanced trading system development and educational services dedicated to providing active traders the tools and training necessary to compete in today's fast-paced Futures and Forex markets.

What we offer?

Object Trader Indicators and Strategy Suite

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Let us show you how our indicators approach and trade the financial markets.

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Object Trader Tools Trade Execution


Object Trader

Trading is Now as Simple as Drawing a Box, Ray, Sniper Line, Wedge, PM1, PM2 Lightning, Predictor, Stealth or using the Bar Close Feature

Pm1 and PM2

Pm1 and PM2

We teach trading with Lightning tools and PM1 and PM2 can automatically get you in the trade when the meter changes directions. You just set the number of contracts, your stop and targets and choose auto or manual and PM will do the rest.

Bar Close

Bar Close

Choose Bar Close and set L/E for a long close bar and S/E for a short close bar and the trade will be taken automatically on bar close. This Bar Close feature can also be set for full automatic to your max contracts you choose in Object Trader.

Wedge Trader

Wedge Trader

Choose a Ray from Ninja Trader platform. Select Wedge and set the way you want the trade to fire and Object Trader does the rest automatically. You can even set up a triangular wedge for breakouts. You choose the stop, targets and the rest is handled by the Wedge. You can even scale in and out as well as use the wedge as your trail stop. Relax, we've got this!.

Region - Box Trader

Region - Box Trader

Boxes can be drawn on your chart within two prices in the region or boxed in trade, you can trade with short inside, short outside, long inside and long outside. Object Trader uses smart Logic to take the trades.

Step 11

Step 1

Choose from Object Type for a Region, Bar Close, Pm1, PM2 Lightning, Wedge, Ray, Horizontal Sniper Line(or Lines), Predictor, Stealth or Time Trade.
Step 22

Step 2

Position the Object Type where you would like it to take trades
Step 33

Step 3

Set the setting for Long, Short and even Reverse trades. Activate the Object Type and relax as the trades are taken automatically
Step 44

Step 4

That's it, you are trading! Object Trader does the rest

What Some of Our Members Have To Say

We Have Helped Thousands of Futures Traders

John Saraga <i>Student</i>

John Saraga Student

I am very proud to put my name in support and testimonial of Viper Trading Systems… The tools are honestly the best, along with training, customer service and room commentators that bundle into a simple system that just flat works. Relaxing trading that is not like anything else…
Charles D <i>Student</i>

Charles D Student

Your teaching, trading methodology, and Viper tools are the best. I have been trading for 15 years and have been using viper systems methodology and trading room for the past 40 months. Congratulations to you and the Viper Team for a great trading methodology. Also your customer service is absolutely the best.

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